Dr. Nezhat Discusses the Types of Menopause

  The ovaries could either be removed surgically, so they call it surgical menopause. Or the ovaries could shut down on their own at a young age. They call that premature menopause. Or the ovaries could shut down because of the aging process. Either one changes the body's balance. And then it will have [...]

Dr. Ceana Nezhat Discusses False Positives & How to Prevent Them

If the pap smear is not read properly, it could have false positives. False positives lead to further testing, causes more anxiety for the patient. It all has to do with the timing when you do it, if there is any inflammation, not taking proper history of the patient to see. For example, if [...]

Non-Obstetric Surgery and Treatment for Pregnant Women

Dr. Nezhat, an endometriosis specialist in the Atlanta area, discusses his book, “Non-Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy.” The idea for this book stemmed from realizing that the United States of America is the only developed country that has a higher than average maternal mortality rate in the world.