A pregnant woman at Nezhat Medical Center with an endometriosis specialist

Dr. Nezhat, an endometriosis specialist in the Atlanta area, discusses his book, “Non-Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy.” The idea for this book stemmed from realizing that the United States of America is the only developed country that has a higher than average maternal mortality rate in the world.

A woman with endometriosis presses her stomach in pain. Nezhat Medical Center specializes in endometriosis.

Endometriosis specialist, Dr. Ceana Nezhat, gives a full presentation about the future endometriosis treatment.

Nezhat Medical center helps women on their fertility journey.

Dr. Nezhat, an endometriosis specialist and medical director of Nezhat Medical Center in Atlanta, discusses infertility and how his practice can help women.

Endometriosis awareness is important. Dr. Nezhat is an endometriosis specialist in Atlanta.

Dr. Nezhat, a gynecological surgeon who specializes in endometriosis, brings awareness to endometriosis. Learn more about how this affects the globe.