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Nineteen months ago, I joined one of the most fortunate groups of women by becoming a patient of Dr. Ceana Nezhat. He performed a five hour surgery that alleviated all of my symptoms. Symptoms which I endured for several years. I wish every woman had the opportunity to experience the care of a doctor as skillful and caring as Dr. Nezhat. I will forever hold him, his staff and Northside Hospital in the highest regard. They are all so very special to me.

Dr. Nezhat,

I wanted to formally thank you and your staff for the most compassionate and high-quality care I have received in 3 years after being diagnosed with my endometriosis.

My last visit to the ER here in New Orleans on June 21st is something I am certain will not happen again for many years. Dr. Bedestani, an expert in urogynecology, was the physician who read my CT and looked at my history and stated that I would need to see the best expert in the field for endometriosis. (He followed and was taught by your brother, Dr. Farr Nezhat.)

When I wrote on your website that I was desperate to be seen by you, I never imaged I would be contacted within one day! When I spoke with Mary Ann and she told me you were taking my case I burst into tears of joy and relief knowing God had finally put me in the right hands (and I’m not even religious!)

Today I feel better than I have in years because of you. I thank you for not only your expertise and hard work, but for the genuine compassion and empathy you have given me. My endometriosis had adversely affected my physical/mental state, my personal relationships, my education and professional responsibilities. Not anymore! I am typically a very hopeful and optimistic person, but the last two months had me so lost in confusion, anger and sadness. I can say today that, because of your care, I am none of those things. I am the cheerful, happy, dedicated and hard-working girl I know I am. You truly gave me my life back and no amount of thank yous, or even this letter, will be enough to show my gratitude and admiration for your care.

Please be very proud of your staff as well. I have honestly never encountered a medical practice where all staff were competent, compassionate and diligent workers! I look to your staff as more of a healthcare family.

I will see you in early September. I am writing and researching my literature review on endometriosis and pre-screening/treatment available in practice for adolescent females today. I hope it will make you proud! Sending all of my love and hugs your way!

Dear Dr. Nezhat,
I do not have words to thank you enough. You are truly a remarkable surgeon and a caring human being! I appreciate the excellent care and concern you have given me. A million thanks.


Dr. Nezhat and team,

I just couldn’t wait to write this letter to give a personal statement of my experience with you and your staff. I came to your office in April of 2016 for a consultation after being referred to you for infertility. I have come a long way in my 3-year journey struggling to become pregnant (after several failed IVF and IUI cycles). After seeing multiple specialists that gave me a less than 10% chance to conceive on our own, we were referred to you for one last hope to restore my repro­ductive system. I must say out of all of my doctors (and my last reproductive doctor that referred me to you), you were the most optimistic. I am happy to share with you these precious photos of our baby girl who was born on October 7, 2017.

There are no words that could I say to express my appreciation and thanks to you for your vi­sion, optimism, gifted hands and medical intelligence, which helped us achieve our ultimate goal of becoming parents. We are more than grateful to you and all those who played a role and made this possible. I am a true believer in the impossible being possible. With our faith and your excellent medical skills, the impossible became possible. I hope you work to serve other women for many more years to come. I will continue to support your office and refer anyone that presents issues similar to those that I presented. You have helped make my dreams come true and help me live a better and healthier life (free from endometriosis and other issues). May you continue to be blessed and provide another family and/or woman the same desires of their heart.

Ten years ago, today, I had surgery with Dr. Ceana Nezhat. Ten years of being pain free, something I thought was impossible! That is a miracle, and Dr. Nezhat is a gift from God. This is my story.

I started having “stomach” issues in 4th grade. From then until I was 18, I had tests to see if I had ulcers anything that would give the doctors an idea as to why I had stomach pain. I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant, irritable bowel syndrome, etc… At 18, my PCP told me he thought I had endometriosis and sent me to my OBGyn. Nothing more was mentioned of endometriosis for the next 4 years. In 1999, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and put on birth control pills. In January of 2000, I had my first of 7 surgeries. This one was to lance the cysts and at that time the endo was discovered. I was told it was mild, yet it was on my intestines which is why I had digestive issues. After that surgery, I was told I would have no more problems. That was wrong in so many ways. Starting in 2000, I was put on several different bcp and hormone medications. The worst being from a doctor at a well-known clinic who put me on depo Provera shots and activella pills at the same time. I thought I was going crazy.

These are the surgeries I have had:
*2000 – laparoscopy – discovered endometriosis and removed my appendix
*2001 – June laparoscopy to excise endo, July- oophorectomy of my right ovary and fallopian tube
*2002 – laparoscopy
*2003 – laparoscopy
*2005 – hysterectomy at the age of 28
*2007 – surgery with Dr. Nezhat

Up until I had met with Dr. Nezhat, each doctor I saw told me the pain was in my head and that there was no way the endometriosis had come back – it was impossible. Each surgery revealed not only endo, but worsening endometriosis that was destroying my ovaries and overall heath. Instead of trying to fix it, I was put on anxiety medication, hormones, and told to do pelvic floor exercises.

When I spoke to Dr. Nezhat (before ever meeting with him), he diagnosed me as having an ovarian remnant. Something no one had mentioned previously. He did some tests and had a plan ready the first time I met with him. The surgery with him was 4 hours long and he told my mom that I had “trash” left behind from previous surgeries. Since then, he still gets very upset when he talks about my past, but is the most compassionate, caring doctor I have ever seen. He is very thorough as well. I see him about 2 times a year to get my hormone implant, and he takes his time to talk to me about any questions or concerns I may have. He and Angela know that I am a huge worrier, but they don’t hold that against me. They are both very patient and reassuring and are always only a phone call away.

Since first meeting with Dr. Nezhat, I am a different person. I am happily married and more confident in myself and full of joy. Ten years ago, my life without pain began. I am continually humbled, amazed, and beyond thankful that God led me to Dr. Nezhat. Though, he won’t admit it, in my opinion he is the greatest doctor in the world. I have been to many who had god-complexes and didn’t care about their patients. Dr. Nezhat is the exact opposite. He is a very compassionate and knowledgeable doctor who is determined to fight endometriosis until it no longer exists. The world needs more doctors like him.

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Dr. Nezhat quite literally saved my life. He is one of the best doctors on the planet. People like me come from all over the United States for the honor of being one of his patients. I have referred over a dozen people to Ceana Nezhat – and every one of them has thanked me over and over again for the referral. If you’re looking for advanced care with a doctor and staff who listens and pays attention to detail, Dr. Nezhat is the best there is.