Dear Dr. Nezhat, I appreciate the great care you and your staff have given me. I feel I have received the best individually tailored care possible. The kindness, concern, and care you and your staff showed put my mind at ease. I felt I was treated as a person.

Thank you for personally calling me with the results of the biopsies. Your knowledge, skills, and individualized patient care makes you truly a great doctor, an expert in every aspect of patient care! Thank you again for all of the great care. I truly appreciate your skill and knowledge. I am very thankful you accepted me as your patient!

Dear Dr. Nezhat, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for taking care of Lauren. One of the things that I so admire about you is your dedication to every detail and your concern to make sure every patient gets the best care possible. Besides the fact that no one equals (please don’t tell the other doctors I said this, although I think they would agree) your skill, experience, and ability. It was an honor to work with you years ago and watch your perfection and the way you treat every patient, just the way anyone would want for a family member or if they were having surgery.

Also, everyone in your office was so kind and caring. Angela has a heart of gold. Mary Ann’s follow up and concern to get us in was above and beyond. The girls at the desk were so positive and helpful.

Lauren says she is doing her best and is going to do everything you said to try to get better and hopefully that gets rid of her pain.

I wish you and your staff and family the best in 2017 and thank you again for being the Dr you are and the extraordinary excellence you provide to all your patients and to her.

This is a note of appreciation to the team in Nezhat Medical Center who attended to me pre and post-surgery. I am most thankful to Dr. Ceana Nezhat for his patience, he’s sound medical advice and for his care pre and post-surgery. I thank God for creating such a wonderful man with such vast knowledge in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

I have had severe period pains and bleeding for over 20 years, I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids in 2004 but the doctors always ask 2 questions;

  • Are you married?
  • Are you planning on having kids anytime soon?

Since am not married and I have strong family values and Christian belief in having kids during wedlock, I did nothing about the fibroid but was always conducting pelvic scan every year to assess the size of the fibroid.

In 5 years, the fibroids grew 2ce its size and the pain got worse. In 2015, I decided to do something about it but had no clue which hospital or surgeon would perform the surgery. One thing I made up my mind on was I was not going to have the surgery in the United Kingdom.

I made a few calls to some medical centers in New York, California, Texas and Atlanta but what touched me was the warm reception I got from Dr. Nezhat assistant MaryAnn Bumgardner, she was warm, soft spoken, compassionate and she understood my fears and concerns because like myself she was also once a victim of my circumstance. God Bless her heart.

Subject to my research done on Nezhat Medical Centre, Dr. Ceana Nezhat and my conversations with MaryAnn, I made up my mind I was going to have the surgery done in Atlanta and Dr. Ceana Nezhat was going to perform the surgery.

As an outpatient, life was made easy and I was put through the procedures pre and post-surgery. Instructions and preparation for surgery was easily spelt out, location to the hospital (Northside Hospital) was also provided by Dr. Ceana’s medical team. His team were professional and gave excellent medical services.

My surgery took 7 hours and I can remember Dr. Nezhat saying to me when I woke up in the recovery room “You did real good”. “You will have beautiful babies”.

During the surgery, asides the multiple fibroids inside and outside my uterus, I also had endometriosis which was corrected by Dr. Ceana.

Post-surgery recovery process was not as painful as I thought and this was because I followed the Doctor’s instructions. The post surgery examination was with positive news. Am currently doing great, my stomach size has reduced drastically, I feel look and great. My period is regular as usual and the period pain has reduce to a large extent.

Once again on behalf of myself and my family, I say a very big thank you to Dr Ceana. Am glad I made the right choice and looking forward to seeing you when I start having babies.

Forever grateful

Dear Dr. Nezhat and team,

I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, unique caring and concern for your patients. My mother, daughter and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

As you know, I have been coming to your office for years since moving to Atlanta in 1995, at my mother’s urging, as you have been her Doctor for years. You performed my hysterectomy several years ago and continue to help me 3 times a year with my hormone replacement, dramatically changing my life to a normal one that I can now enjoy.

Now that I have moved to Florida, I still make it a point to come to your office 2-3 times each year for my GYN health checks and hormones. No other doctor I have been to shows the care and concern for patients that you and your highly trained team do on a daily basis.

This past year, my 23-year-old daughter has had severe abdominal pain. She has been in and out of emergency rooms for the pain, seen multiple specialists in Athens where she is going to school, resulting in many pain pills, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, many tests, and little resolution. Each time I visited her I could see the joy for life draining from her eyes.

A few weeks ago, my daughter’s boyfriend called me with my daughter screaming in pain in the background. Out of desperation I called your office, after normal work hours around 10 pm, for some sort of advice or direction on what we could do next. You returned my call immediately with a plan of attack for the very next morning and brought in two additional specialists, one in General Surgery and a Rheumatologist, to try to discover her pain issue. Since her surgery that week, she is feeling so much better. The joy for life is coming back into her voice. We are hoping that she will continue to be pain free and she can enjoy her young life, as a 23 year old should.

Thank you for helping us. Again, I cannot thank you enough.

I am writing this letter to share my very positive experience with Dr. Nezhat and his staff.

I have severe endometriosis. I didn’t know I had endometriosis until I was 40 because 1 didn’t have the excruciating pain typically associated with the disease. Over the next 8 years, my doctors monitored the endometriosis with regular ultra-sounds, blood tests and a laparoscopic surgery that removed most of an endometrioma on my right ovary. Even after surgery, the endometriosis progressed and the endometrioma continued to grow. Eventually, a blood test in June 2009 returned elevated levels of CA-125. At this point, my Gynecologist referred me to an Oncologist to discuss the results and possible treatment options. The Oncologist recommended a total hysterectomy and I scheduled the surgery.

At first, I assumed that a total hysterectomy was the only viable option. However, after a few days I decided to do my own research to see if I may have other options. I quickly learned that I might not need a total hysterectomy. I decided to seek out a second opinion and contacted the Endometriosis Association for recommended doctors in the Atlanta area. The Endometriosis Association sent me a list of about 5 specialists in Georgia including Dr. Nezhat.

During my consultation, Dr. Nezhat discussed my history, studied my medical history notes, gave me information about CA-125 and ovarian cancer and conducted an examination. After the exam, I met with Dr. Nezhat to discuss his recommendations. Dr. Nezhat told me that I had Silent Endometriosis and suggested I have surgery to remove as much as possible. He explained Silent Endometriosis was worse than “Level 4″ because I had no pain and no symptoms and therefore no mechanism to warn me when my endometriosis was beginning to harm vital organs. He also told me that he believed in only removing organs that were medically necessary. He had never had to conduct a total hysterectomy and that he had never lost a patient.

I decided to follow Dr. Nezhat’s recommendation and scheduled surgery with him. I’m happy to report that I did not need a total hysterectomy. My endometriosis had spread considerably, and Dr. Nezhat removed as much as possible; the endometriosis could have caused irreversible damage had I not had surgery.
My experience with surgery was quite positive. Dr. Nezhat’s staff is kind, supportive and professional and helped me prepare. I had the surgery at Northside Hospital where I found the staff exceptionally friendly as well. I recovered from surgery pretty quickly and was able to return to work in just under 3 weeks. Dr. Nezhat includes with his surgeries pre- and post-procedure recommendations (diet, supplements, walking exercise) that I followed. I believe I recovered more quickly from this extensive surgery because of these recommendations.

I’m writing this final paragraph a year after my surgery. I’m happy to report that this past year, my health has been the best it has been in a long time. My energy level is much higher and I didn’t get suffer from any colds this past winter (I had been averaging 2-3). People I haven’t seen in a while comment on how clear my skin and eyes look. I had no idea that my endometriosis was also wearing me down. I’m happy to write this letter to help anyone making the same decision I made last year.

Dear Dr. Nezhat,
I’ve never written a letter to my doctor before but you are unique among the doctors I’ve consulted and I can see from the patient letters in the binder that it’s an honored office tradition. Because of you and your staff, my hysterectomy was a completely positive experience.

There is such a lovely feeling in your office that I started thinking of it as gynecology summer camp. Along with an impeccably maintained clinical and professional atmosphere and great seriousness of purpose, there is also openness, compassion, and an abundance of good will and camaraderie. No artificial distance is created between staff and patients. This inspired complete trust and allowed me to surrender to the surgical process.

Your superb skill, intellect and highly precise answers to all my questions created a level of confidence and relaxation, adding to my positive outcome.

Beyond your medical and surgical brilliance, you are a true healer. You give a whole new meaning to the phrase “being seen by a doctor,” because you see us as individuals. Even more unusual, you let us see your humanity. There is a level of vulnerability in the way you care for your patients. I imagine some of your colleagues may think it’s excessive but wager that none of your patients agree with them. To see and be seen is immensely healing. You share with your patients the burden of illness, in a way that is unprecedented in my experience of bio-medicine. It is a privilege to be your patient.