There was a time that a young female missing school due to pain or menstrual irregularity or having to take a handful of pain medication was considered normal or a natural process of being female. 

Today, we look at that as a sign and symptoms of a problem such as endometriosis. If it goes undetected, not only could it compromise the quality of life of the individual, certain cases could progress to the point that cause irreversible damage like ineffective fertility or in extreme cases, people have lost kidneys. 

Remember, we are families. This does not affect only females. We are members of a community or society. If a female is suffering, the effect could be on the world, on the other members of the family including brothers, sisters, parents. So globally, it could affect all people, male, female, co-workers, and that’s why it’s important that we need to do more research to have earlier detection, better management, and hopefully, ultimately find a cure for it.