One important area that I focus in my practice is on patients who have niche. Niche is when the scar that we cut to take the baby out doesn’t heal properly so it creates a puddle in the cavity, which shouldn’t be there. It could cause ruptures in a future pregnancy, or it could also be just a puddle and the blood accumulates into it and causes irregular bleeding which can cause pain. Sometimes the next pregnancy can endanger the mother’s life. So on all the patients that I see who have had a cesarean section, I focus on their cesarean scar to see if it has healed properly. If it hasn’t healed properly, there are simple methods that can fix it. We can just fix it by hysteroscopy or we can fix it by laparoscopy, which is a minimally invasive way of fixing it, allowing the uterus to heal properly and help the current condition of the person who has irregular bleeding or pain. This will make the next pregnancy safer.