Dr. Nezhat and team, I just couldn’t wait to write this letter to give a personal statement of my experience with you and your staff. I came to your office in April of 2016 for a consultation after being referred to you for infertility. I have come a long way in my 3-year journey struggling to become pregnant (after several failed IVF and IUI cycles). After seeing multiple specialists that gave me a less than 10% chance to conceive on our own, we were referred to you for one last hope to restore my repro­ductive system. I must say out of all of my doctors (and my last reproductive doctor that referred me to you), you were the most optimistic. I am happy to share with you these precious photos of our baby girl who was born on October 7, 2017.

There are no words that could I say to express my appreciation and thanks to you for your vi­sion, optimism, gifted hands and medical intelligence, which helped us achieve our ultimate goal of becoming parents. We are more than grateful to you and all those who played a role and made this possible. I am a true believer in the impossible being possible. With our faith and your excellent medical skills, the impossible became possible. I hope you work to serve other women for many more years to come. I will continue to support your office and refer anyone that presents issues similar to those that I presented. You have helped make my dreams come true and help me live a better and healthier life (free from endometriosis and other issues). May you continue to be blessed and provide another family and/or woman the same desires of their heart.