Patient Testimonial February 15, 2022

I cannot recommend Dr. Nezhat and his team enough! After over a decade of trying to find care for my health issues, I finally found the care that I needed with him and my life has changed for the better because of him. He takes the time to really listen and care about what is [...]

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Patient Testimonial February 5, 2022

If I could give 10 stars I would! I am so blessed to have Dr Nezhat and his staff as my care team for over 15 years! He is an amazing doctor who is fabulous at what he does. I have severe Endo and was in really bad shape when I found him, he took [...]

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Patient Testimonial February 6, 2022

Dr. Nezhat is truly a gift from God. After a very hard year of searching for someone to help me with severe issues, I was led to Dr. Nezhat. I immediately noticed how personable and professional the staff was when I scheduled my first consultation. When arrived to the office, it was evident that I [...]

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Patient testimonial Nov 19, 2021

After seeing 6 specialists and enduring many invasive tests and hitting dead end after dead end, we found Dr. Nezhat. He was able to diagnose and treat my daughter’s unexplained abdominal pain when NO ONE else had any answers. He was an answered prayer for my daughter. I never knew adolescents can have endometriosis that [...]

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Patient Review – October 2020

There really are no words to describe how Dr. Nezhat's treatment changed my life for the better. I had started to think that I would never feel better and literally, after the first appointment and treatment plan, everything started to get turned around! My hormones were balanced again, my skin became clear and smooth and [...]

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Patient testimonial January 2019

Nineteen months ago, I joined one of the most fortunate groups of women by becoming a patient of Dr. Ceana Nezhat. He performed a five hour surgery that alleviated all of my symptoms. Symptoms which I endured for several years. I wish every woman had the opportunity to experience the care of a doctor as [...]

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Patient Letter 7-25-18

Dr. Nezhat, I wanted to formally thank you and your staff for the most compassionate and high-quality care I have received in 3 years after being diagnosed with my endometriosis. My last visit to the ER here in New Orleans on June 21st is something I am certain will not happen again for many years. [...]

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Patient letter 11-27-17

Dear Dr. Nezhat, I do not have words to thank you enough. You are truly a remarkable surgeon and a caring human being! I appreciate the excellent care and concern you have given me. A million thanks.  

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Patient letter 11-19-17

Dr. Nezhat and team, I just couldn't wait to write this letter to give a personal statement of my experience with you and your staff. I came to your office in April of 2016 for a consultation after being referred to you for infertility. I have come a long way in my 3-year journey struggling [...]

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