CASE: Patient opts for myomectomy

A 41-year-old woman, G0, with symptomatic myomas wishes to preserve her reproductive organs rather than undergo hysterectomy. She chooses laparoscopic myomectomy.

Preoperative imaging with transvaginal ultrasound reveals a 4-cm posterior pedunculated myoma and a 5-cm fundal intramural myoma. Preoperative videohysteroscopy reveals external compression of the anterior intramural myoma without intracavitary extension. Both tubal ostia appear normal.

During a multipuncture technique with a 5-mm laparoscope and 5-mm accessory ports,1 the abdomen and pelvis are evaluated. The 4-cm pedunculated myoma is visualized posteriorly and to the left of midline. The 5-cm intramural myoma enlarges the contour of the uterine fundus.

How would you proceed?