Dr. Nezhat is truly a gift from God. After a very hard year of searching for someone to help me with severe issues, I was led to Dr. Nezhat. I immediately noticed how personable and professional the staff was when I scheduled my first consultation. When arrived to the office, it was evident that I was in the right place. I received more answers in my first visit and 1 ultrasound with Dr. Nezhat than I received in an entire year of multiple doctors visits and several ultrasounds. I needed surgery immediately. My case turned out to be quite rare and severe. Before the surgery, he told me and my mother that he would dedicate however long it takes to be sure that the job was done and would treat me as he would treat his own daughter. And he did just that! Dr. Nezhat is the most skilled, gifted, and compassionate doctor I have ever met. If you ask around, you will find that most share this opinion!