If I could give 10 stars I would! I am so blessed to have Dr Nezhat and his staff as my care team for over 15 years! He is an amazing doctor who is fabulous at what he does. I have severe Endo and was in really bad shape when I found him, he took me right in and in less than a week had me in surgery correcting all the damages other surgeons had done to me and cleaned up my endo! Amazing! He was an answer to my desperate prayer for help and has handled my endo and harmones ever since. I would not trust my endo to anyone but him. He knows what he’s doing…. He directs me when I need more surgery and fixes me back up again. With his treatment plan I feel great and I can honestly say he saved my life.. MaryAnn and his staff are so caring and do a fabulous job. When you go to Nezhat medical Center you’re more than a patient, you become family. I am beyond blessed to have such a fabulous Doctor and team. I may have Endo but it doesn’t have to have me! I thank God for Dr. Nezhat and everything MaryAnne has done for me as well as his staff. They are absolutely amazing. I would recommend them highly! He’s not only my doctor but he’s also my friend. I am so thankful for him and beyond grateful for what he has done for me!!