Ten years ago, today, I had surgery with Dr. Ceana Nezhat. Ten years of being pain free, something I thought was impossible! That is a miracle, and Dr. Nezhat is a gift from God. This is my story.

I started having “stomach” issues in 4th grade. From then until I was 18, I had tests to see if I had ulcers anything that would give the doctors an idea as to why I had stomach pain. I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant, irritable bowel syndrome, etc… At 18, my PCP told me he thought I had endometriosis and sent me to my OBGyn. Nothing more was mentioned of endometriosis for the next 4 years. In 1999, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and put on birth control pills. In January of 2000, I had my first of 7 surgeries. This one was to lance the cysts and at that time the endo was discovered. I was told it was mild, yet it was on my intestines which is why I had digestive issues. After that surgery, I was told I would have no more problems. That was wrong in so many ways. Starting in 2000, I was put on several different bcp and hormone medications. The worst being from a doctor at a well-known clinic who put me on depo Provera shots and activella pills at the same time. I thought I was going crazy.

These are the surgeries I have had:
*2000 – laparoscopy – discovered endometriosis and removed my appendix
*2001 – June laparoscopy to excise endo, July- oophorectomy of my right ovary and fallopian tube
*2002 – laparoscopy
*2003 – laparoscopy
*2005 – hysterectomy at the age of 28
*2007 – surgery with Dr. Nezhat

Up until I had met with Dr. Nezhat, each doctor I saw told me the pain was in my head and that there was no way the endometriosis had come back – it was impossible. Each surgery revealed not only endo, but worsening endometriosis that was destroying my ovaries and overall heath. Instead of trying to fix it, I was put on anxiety medication, hormones, and told to do pelvic floor exercises.

When I spoke to Dr. Nezhat (before ever meeting with him), he diagnosed me as having an ovarian remnant. Something no one had mentioned previously. He did some tests and had a plan ready the first time I met with him. The surgery with him was 4 hours long and he told my mom that I had “trash” left behind from previous surgeries. Since then, he still gets very upset when he talks about my past, but is the most compassionate, caring doctor I have ever seen. He is very thorough as well. I see him about 2 times a year to get my hormone implant, and he takes his time to talk to me about any questions or concerns I may have. He and Angela know that I am a huge worrier, but they don’t hold that against me. They are both very patient and reassuring and are always only a phone call away.

Since first meeting with Dr. Nezhat, I am a different person. I am happily married and more confident in myself and full of joy. Ten years ago, my life without pain began. I am continually humbled, amazed, and beyond thankful that God led me to Dr. Nezhat. Though, he won’t admit it, in my opinion he is the greatest doctor in the world. I have been to many who had god-complexes and didn’t care about their patients. Dr. Nezhat is the exact opposite. He is a very compassionate and knowledgeable doctor who is determined to fight endometriosis until it no longer exists. The world needs more doctors like him.