Dr. Nezhat, I wanted to formally thank you and your staff for the most compassionate and high-quality care I have received in 3 years after being diagnosed with my endometriosis.

My last visit to the ER here in New Orleans on June 21st is something I am certain will not happen again for many years. Dr. Bedestani, an expert in urogynecology, was the physician who read my CT and looked at my history and stated that I would need to see the best expert in the field for endometriosis. (He followed and was taught by your brother, Dr. Farr Nezhat.)

When I wrote on your website that I was desperate to be seen by you, I never imaged I would be contacted within one day! When I spoke with Mary Ann and she told me you were taking my case I burst into tears of joy and relief knowing God had finally put me in the right hands (and I’m not even religious!)

Today I feel better than I have in years because of you. I thank you for not only your expertise and hard work, but for the genuine compassion and empathy you have given me. My endometriosis had adversely affected my physical/mental state, my personal relationships, my education and professional responsibilities. Not anymore! I am typically a very hopeful and optimistic person, but the last two months had me so lost in confusion, anger and sadness. I can say today that, because of your care, I am none of those things. I am the cheerful, happy, dedicated and hard-working girl I know I am. You truly gave me my life back and no amount of thank yous, or even this letter, will be enough to show my gratitude and admiration for your care.

Please be very proud of your staff as well. I have honestly never encountered a medical practice where all staff were competent, compassionate and diligent workers! I look to your staff as more of a healthcare family.

I will see you in early September. I am writing and researching my literature review on endometriosis and pre-screening/treatment available in practice for adolescent females today. I hope it will make you proud! Sending all of my love and hugs your way!