This is a note of appreciation to the team in Nezhat Medical Center who attended to me pre and post-surgery. I am most thankful to Dr. Ceana Nezhat for his patience, he’s sound medical advice and for his care pre and post-surgery. I thank God for creating such a wonderful man with such vast knowledge in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

I have had severe period pains and bleeding for over 20 years, I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids in 2004 but the doctors always ask 2 questions;

  • Are you married?
  • Are you planning on having kids anytime soon?

Since am not married and I have strong family values and Christian belief in having kids during wedlock, I did nothing about the fibroid but was always conducting pelvic scan every year to assess the size of the fibroid.

In 5 years, the fibroids grew 2ce its size and the pain got worse. In 2015, I decided to do something about it but had no clue which hospital or surgeon would perform the surgery. One thing I made up my mind on was I was not going to have the surgery in the United Kingdom.

I made a few calls to some medical centers in New York, California, Texas and Atlanta but what touched me was the warm reception I got from Dr. Nezhat assistant MaryAnn Bumgardner, she was warm, soft spoken, compassionate and she understood my fears and concerns because like myself she was also once a victim of my circumstance. God Bless her heart.

Subject to my research done on Nezhat Medical Centre, Dr. Ceana Nezhat and my conversations with MaryAnn, I made up my mind I was going to have the surgery done in Atlanta and Dr. Ceana Nezhat was going to perform the surgery.

As an outpatient, life was made easy and I was put through the procedures pre and post-surgery. Instructions and preparation for surgery was easily spelt out, location to the hospital (Northside Hospital) was also provided by Dr. Ceana’s medical team. His team were professional and gave excellent medical services.

My surgery took 7 hours and I can remember Dr. Nezhat saying to me when I woke up in the recovery room “You did real good”. “You will have beautiful babies”.

During the surgery, asides the multiple fibroids inside and outside my uterus, I also had endometriosis which was corrected by Dr. Ceana.

Post-surgery recovery process was not as painful as I thought and this was because I followed the Doctor’s instructions. The post surgery examination was with positive news. Am currently doing great, my stomach size has reduced drastically, I feel look and great. My period is regular as usual and the period pain has reduce to a large extent.

Once again on behalf of myself and my family, I say a very big thank you to Dr Ceana. Am glad I made the right choice and looking forward to seeing you when I start having babies.

Forever grateful