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Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery


Pelvic reconstructive surgery is used to rebuild vital organs, such as a urinary bladder, vagina or pelvic floor. Sometimes these organs must be removed to treat advanced cancer or are severely damaged after radiation therapy. Bladder reconstruction is often possible by creating a pouch that holds the urine internally, eradicating the need for an external collection bag. Pelvic reconstructive surgery of the pelvic floor for correcting a prolapsed pelvis, and to treat urinary or rectal incontinence may also be performed.

Pelvic reconstructive surgery may be required after a routine gynecological operation or as part of extensive treatment for advanced gynecological disease removal and/or repair. Regardless of the reason, pelvic reconstructive surgery has been shown to reduce potential problems and side effects from surgery and improve patients’ quality of life.

With Dr. Nezhat’s extensive specialized training and a dedication to working with women to understand their needs regarding Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery , Dr. Nezhat will work closely with the patient to meet all expectations, and goals for this procedure. Along side Dr. Nezhat, a plastic surgeon will assist in the cosmetic side of the surgery. Both will work together to produce cosmetic results that restore as much anatomy and function as possible. In radical surgery, where pelvic surgical reconstruction is an integral part of the overall treatment plan, this teamwork is especially important.

Dr. Nezhat and his experienced staff of will spend time with prospective patients to discuss their concerns and expectations, as well as to review the options for treatment and pelvic reconstructive surgery. Today’s pelvic reconstructive surgery techniques can produce cosmetically pleasing and functional results that improve a woman’s quality of life.
Remember to ask questions if anything is about your procedure or condition is unclear.

To find out more information on Pelvic Reconstruction, or to find out if you are a good candidate for this condition, contact a representative at Nezhat Medical Center to request an in-office consultation with Dr. Ceana Nezhat.

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