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Ovarian Remnant Syndrome


Ovarian remnant syndrome occurs in patients who have had one or both ovaries surgically removed, but have small pieces of ovarian tissue left behind. Ovarian remnant syndrome can cause cyclic pain and pressure. The ovarian remnants may be removable with laparoscopy.


The most common symptoms of ovarian remnant syndrome are:
– Constant chronic pelvic pain
– Difficult or painful intercourse
– Cyclic pelvic pain


The condition is diagnosed based on a careful medical history. One sign that there may be residual ovarian tissue is if after your ovaries were removed, you didn’t immediately start hormone therapy but didn’t experience menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes. An alternative situation is if after surgery, you started hormone therapy and then discontinued it for some reason but didn’t experience these symptoms.

These remnants of ovarian tissue, which can initially be microscopic, respond to hormonal stimulation, and can grow, become cystic, or hemorrhage producing pain. Ovarian remnants can re-implant anywhere in the abdominal cavity including the bowel and ureters.

Images of Ovarian Remnants and X-ray showing the indication of an Ovarian Remnant



Ovarian remnants do not respond well to hormonal therapy and usually require surgery in the form of an operative laparoscopy for removal. Although these surgeries can be challenging due to the presence of extensive adhesions and scar tissue from previous surgeries, the improved visualization and accessibility afforded by laparoscopy make localization and removal of the remnant safer and more successful.

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