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Fellowship and Observership

Dr. Nezhat welcomes the opportunity to host visiting physicians for Observerships or independent Fellowships. If you are a physician interested in observing or studying with the Dr. Nezhat in Atlanta, Georgia, please read the following information and contact us if you have any questions.

Nezhat Medical Center provides fellowships with SLS. If you are interested in the one year SLS Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery, please visit their website and follow the instructions on application. http://sls.org/sls-fellowship-programs/.

Observerships are granted to medical students, residents, and attendings for durations of 1 week to 2 months. During observerships, the visiting physician will observe in the operating room with Dr. Nezhat and his colleagues (when available). At select times the visitor will have the opportunity to attend dry and wet labs, industry training, and robotic surgery training (scheduled separately through Intuitive Surgical). Occasionally we are able to arrange for research and educational opportunities during the observership, including clinical research, abstract and manuscript preparation, and education video editing. Both laboratory/simulator training and research must be arranged prior to the observership.

Independent Fellowships are managed much in the same way observerships are – there is OR observation and the possibility of laboratory/simulator training. However, fellowship candidates are required to complete some research/educational activity prior to completing the fellowship. The duration of fellowships is usually 2 – 6 months. If scheduling permits, independent fellows can stay for up to 1 year.

Fellows have the potential to scrub on cases if they complete the necessary requirements, which are:
– Licensure in the state of Georgia
– Privileges at Northside Hospital
– Adequate liability insurance coverage

Please be advised that this privilege is not automatically extended to fellows. It is subject to proper scheduling and completely at Dr. Nezhat’s discretion.

Application Process: A formal letter of interest should be submitted to Nezhat Medical Center well in advance of the start date (2 months for Observerships and 6 months for Fellowships). The letter should fully explain your interest and expected outcomes for the Observership/Fellowship. We will also require:

– A current curriculum vitae or resume
– At least one letter of reference from student’s clinical supervisor or advisor or an attending physician
– A writing sample (medical abstract or manuscript excerpt)
– Documentation of current immunizations and health status
– A recent photograph (optional- to help with writing reference letters)

Reference Letters
Candidates may request a letter of reference from Dr. Nezhat at the completion of their rotation.


Parking may be provided at the hospital and office, depending on availability.


Candidates are not provided with meals or meal coupons.


Nezhat Medical Center does not make arrangements for accommodations. Candidates are directed to the local newspaper or other resources (www.ajc.com or www.travelocity.com) in order to find suitable accommodations.

Area Hotels:

There are many options for accommodations in the Atlanta area. This listing is just a few! Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.


It is recommended that you bring a laptop with you for use during the training period.

If you have any questions about Observerships or Fellowship, please contact our office at (404) 255.8778, info@endometriosisspecialists.com/nezhatmedicalcenter.

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