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Congenital Anomalies


Congenital anomalies are structural abnormalities that can occur throughout the body due to improper formation during fetal development. Anomalies of the reproductive tract most commonly affect the uterus, but can also alter the development of the cervix, fallopian tubes, and vagina. Examples are septums or walls that develop inside the uterine cavity or vagina, variations in the shape of the uterus, or actual duplications of the reproductive organs. These anomalies can be asymptomatic or can cause such problems as blockage of menstrual flow and subsequent pelvic pain, infertility, recurrent miscarriage and pre-term labor.


Treatment is based on the individual anomaly, patient symptomatology, and the patient’s reproductive history and desires for future fertility. Treatment is usually surgical and consists of a hysteroscopic, laparoscopic, or combined approach.

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